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Steve with Civil Rights icon John Lewis

Steve with Civil Rights icon John Lewis

Thanks for visiting my website.

I’m Steve Young.  I’m running for Mayor of Benicia, and I hope you will vote for me this November.

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I am sure you agree that we need to get serious about the issues and challenges facing our City, and that we need a Mayor ready and able to take on these challenges. This website addresses many of the issues we need to face, and will be updated regularly as things develop.


2020 is already shaping up to be a contentious election. The Presidential election will be loud and mostly negative, but I hope that we can make our local elections issue-based, without descending into negative campaigning.


I trust and hope my opponents will also commit to fair and clean campaigning, and focus on their plans and vision for Benicia..


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Latest: "I support Steve Young for Mayor of Benicia because he has been a true leader on behalf of our community, including Downtown businesses. Steve is both principled and pragmatic. He is willing to take progressive and, at times, unpopular positions when necessary, yet he stays committed to his convictions. I also appreciate that he keeps a close eye on City finances and is fiscally responsible. Benicia needs a strong leader to guide us to the future. Join me in voting for Steve Young for Mayor 2020."


Terry Mollica




Adela Fernandez * Alicia Gallagher * Allison Connor * Andres Soto
Barb Duvall * Beverly Edmonds * Brianna Newton * Cathy Bennett
Constance Beutel * Dan Smith, Benicia City Council Member 2001-2005
Dana and Jim Green * David Lindsay * Denise & Dennis Cullen
Diane Dooley * Donna Seslar * Elizabeth Lewis * Gerry Forcier
Ginny Green * Hadieh Elias * Henry Sun * Hilary Aitken * Jack Kolk
Jan Malin * Joshua Oehler * June Mejias * Kathleen Carey
Kimberly Klein * Kristen Massey * Larry Dutch * Lisa Reinertson
Lori Grundman * Madeleine Borges * Madeline Koster * Marilyn Bardet
Marylee Parr * Nancy Roetzer * Nikki Basch * Davis * Noah Ochoa
Patricia Flynn * Patrick Roetzer * Peggy Duly * Robert Norman
Robin Lancaster * Roger Straw * Ruscal Cayangyang, Former Vallejo
School Boardmember * Sarah Westmoreland * Stephan Clifford
Stephen Jones * Steve Scheinman * Terry Mollica * Tim Reynolds
Toby Tover * Polly Farina * Ralph and Vicki Dennis * Amy Hames
Monica Andrade * Wendy Fine


Steve loading fruit


"I am endorsing Steve Young for Mayor of Benicia. I have worked with Steve in the Benicia Strong group for the past few months and have been impressed with his concern for the citizens of Benicia and of Solano County, his empathy toward the plight of many citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic and his forward-thinking ideas for meeting the needs of his constituency.


Steve has worked to assist efforts to feed Benicians at risk of food insecurity. His point of view has been helpful as I have developed the Food is Free Solano programs.


I am confident that Steve has the necessary qualifications and experience to successfully guide Benicia through the next few years as we get through the pandemic and enter recovery. Times ahead might be challenging, but I think Steve is up to the challenge."


Heather Pierini
Director of Food is Free Solano and Solano Gleaning Initiative


Steve loading fruit.


Hilary Aitken
Marilyn Bardet
Nikki Basch Davis
Cathy Bennett
Constance Beutel
Madeleine Borges
Kathleen Carey
Ruscal Cayangyang
Stephan Clifford
Allison Connor
Denise Cullen
Dennis Cullen
Ralph Dennis
Vicki Dennis
Diane Dooley
Peggy Duly
Larry Dutch
Barb Duvall
Beverly Edmonds
Hadieh Elias
Polly Farina
Adela Fernandez
Patricia Flynn
Alicia Gallagher
Dana Green
Jim Green
Ginny Green
Lori Grundman
Amy Hames
Stephen Jones
Kimberly Klein
Jack Kolk
Madeline Koster
Robin Lancaster
Elizabeth Lewis
Kristen Massey
June Mejias
Terry Mollica
Brianna Newton
Robert Norman
Noah Ochoa
Joshua Oehler
Marylee Parr
Lisa Reinertson
Tim Reynolds
Nancy Roetzer
Patrick Roetzer
Steve Scheinman
Donna Seslar
Dan Smith
Andres Soto
Roger Straw
Henry Sun
Toby Tover
Sarah Westmoreland

Steve Young for Mayor

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Steve Young for Mayor

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