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Climate change is real and is having devastating effects around the world. Benicia is not immune from these effects. We have suffered from prolonged droughts and smoke-filled air from fires in recent years, and these unnatural conditions will certainly return.  We must continue to plan for how climate change will affect our community.


Benicia has taken the lead among cities in adopting environmentally sustainable policies and actions in accordance with our General Plan. Benicia adopted a Climate Action Plan in 2009 (the first City in Solano County to adopt a CAP) and a Climate Change Adaptation Plan in 2016.  Our Community Sustainability Commission has a long record of achievements. In past years, City staff has implemented solar panels for city operations, set up electric vehicle charging stations open to the public, and much more.  In 2014 Benicia opted to receive electric power from Marin Clean Energy, adding to the production and consumption of clean energy in Northern California. Since 2009, Benicia has been officially designated a Tree City USA community.


The waters in the strait will also continue to rise at an increasing rate, threatening our wastewater treatment plant as well as other low lying properties along the water. Protecting our beautiful coastal town is something we need to be doing now to adequately plan for the future. We also need to assure that  we are using our drinking water resources in the best way possible to ensure continued availability. 


Finally, we should investigate the feasibility of converting as much of the city vehicle fleet and equipment to electric as possible, and to promote local walking, bicycling and electric car use.




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